Giselle’s work, best known for representing femininity/masculinity as well as public and private life, has been featured in both solo and group exhibits in California.  Through the collective feminine memory in Iran, it explores the relationship of women with religious and violent systems in Middle Eastern countries, speaking for a decade of dissidents wiped out by bullet or rope.  Giselle’s focus is the continued representation of human rights limitations within corrupt governments where women are without a voice. 


After receiving several prestigious honors since 2014, including the 13th and 14th annual juried exhibitions in 2017 and 2018 at UCI Claire Trevor School of the Arts, Giselle was awarded the Marilyn Werby Endowed Scholarship in 2019.  Her work was also selected for placement in the University Art Museum in 2019 and for showcase in the home of CSULB’s president for the 2019–2020 year.  Her formal artistic practice yields compelling work that communicates spiritual truths through form, gesture, and symbol, speaking to the realities of the human condition. The resulting works are rich in multifaceted meaning, showcasing Giselle’s admiration for the human spirit and its propensity to endure in the face of crimes against humanity.





2018-2020                           MFA, California State University, Long Beach

2016-2018                           BA, University of California, Irvine    

2012-2015                           AA, Liberal Art, Saddleback College, OC, California 


Scholarships and Awards


2019                                      Palos Verdes Art Center, Alpay Scholorship 

2019-2020                            Showcase in the home of CSULB's President 

2019                                      Marilyn Werby Endowed Scholarship

2018                                      Honors Exhibition at UAG, UCI "Units Not To Scale"    

2018                                      Nominated for University Art Gallery Exhibition, UCI

2017                                      Member of Art Department Honor Program, UCI  

2016- 2017                           Deans Honor List, Claire Trevor School Of the Arts, UCI  

2017                                      Nominated for University Art Gallery Exhibition at UCI  

2017                                      Member of The National Society of Leadership and Success Honor Program 

2016                                      Earned AAUW Scholarship, Saddleback College  

2014                                      Earned Golden Brush Award, Saddleback Church    



Selected Exhibitions



Solo Exhibition 

2020                                     Flight PS752- Flight 655, Gatov Gallery, Long Beach

2019                                     Quiet Thoughts, Gatov Gallery, Long Beach

2018                                     The Hole, Seminar Room Gallary, Long Beach

2018                                     Room Away, Seminar Room, Long Beach

2017                                     Art and critic, Room Gallery, UC Irvine     
2017                                     Fly away, Installation Room ACT, UC Irvine                                          


Group Exhibition


2020                                   INSIGHTS 2020, Online Exhibition, Long Beach

2019                                   Palos Verdes Art Canter, Alpay Exhibition

2019                                   INSIGHTS Show, UAM-Art Museum, Long Beach

2019                                   Change, Gatov Gallery, Long Beach 

2019                                   Advancement Group Show, Gatov West Gallery, Long Beach 

2018                                   Untitled, University Art Gallery at California State University, Long Beach

2018                                   Recognized By Law, University Art Gallery at the University of California, Irvine    

2018                                   Units Not To Scale, Honors Exhibition at UAG, UCI    

2017                                   Together, UAG, Irvine 

2017                                   Untitled, UAG at UC Irvine

2017                                   University Art Gallery at the University of California, Irvine                                  




2019                                      Sculpture/Welding Instructor at Palos Verdes Art Institute

2017                                      Intern at Laguna Art Museum   

2015                                      Intern at Saddleback Church